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Trinity Church Road

Harrods Depository, Barnes, London

2021 – present

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Trinity Church Road is a four-storey townhouse, built at the turn of the millennium as part of the Harrods Village Development in Barnes.

Our client, a musical family, wished to unlock and expand the restricted ground floor plan, to allow for enhanced flow, a spacious family kitchen and dining area, open to the rear garden. Being a tall family, and with low floor to ceiling heights, they also wished to lower the internal ground floor to give more height and to maximise daylight penetration into the kitchen.

An existing garage at the side of the dwelling, was set back significantly from the street and primary facade. By pulling the garage slightly forward, we created space for a pantry/ utility space which opens directly to the new kitchen.

The lowering of the ground floor, and the garage relocation were deemed as relatively risky proposals in planning application terms, so we split the proposal into three separate planning applications to mitigate risk. We successfully achieved planning consents for all three applications with Richmond and Wandsworth planning department, who were a brilliant and refreshing London borough to work with.

The full width rear extension comprises steel and glass Crittall doors, which face onto the Harrods depository gardens, echoing the original warehouse construction of the Depository. Three skylights bring light into the kitchen, music snug and pantry. A tumbled limestone floor with integrated underfloor heating runs throughout the new lowered ground floor and through to the rear patio. The entire property is also to be refurbished to modern living standards, including a new air pump system by Nibe, incorporating a low profile underfloor piped heating. All bathrooms are to be remodelled to improve spatial arrangement, light, and reduce visual clutter.

We are working with Tom Howley (Chelsea studio) for the kitchen and pantry. 
Construction is planned to commence in April 2023.

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